"Members are everything for a co-op."

Environmental awareness and effective action are cornerstones to the future of humanity on Earth. Without dedicated individuals like yourself and organizations like SOCEC and many others, we would be continuing our trajectory into environmental destruction. Real action needs to be taken to curb and re-direct our energy needs towards systems that are efficient, renewable and environmentally friendly. Supporting organizations that actively work to create those types of projects at all scales is a powerful choice that promotes sustainability and renewable energy.

As a member, you are supporting an organization that builds renewable community power.

It also means that you’re a stakeholder – with real influence over the direction our Co-op, and our Earth, is taking.


As a member of SOCEC, you can directly support bringing about positive changes in our local communities.

We are a grass-roots level organization with the intention of making a high-level, positive impact on Toronto's renewable energy landscape.

There are plenty of ways to become engaged and volunteer your time to help us grow and operate. We are always looking for passionate individuals who can share their skills with our team to further SOCEC's mission.

Please click here to be taken to our contact page, and send us an email. 

Share a bit about yourself, your story with renewable energy, and why you think you would be a good fit at SOCEC.



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