Our goal here at SOCEC is to educate and empower communities using the positive social impact of emerging renewable energy technologies.

The Board's expertise has shown us that small, cost-effective solutions are the most effective generators of community engagement. 

So, we believe Charging Stations are the best way to start doing it.


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Planning your project using the latest renewable energy technology

 ©  NRG Energy, Inc.

 © NRG Energy, Inc.

Charging stations are small, minimal maintenance units that offer their users clean energy for their mobile devices, for free. 

They can be used anywhere: on the street, in a park, or even as a portable energy solution for advertising campaigns. Click here to see an example on the NRG Website.


here at SOCEC the benefits That matter the most are the promotion and use of clean, renewable energy.


These charging stations actively show communities the power that can be generated for practical use, without the consequences that come with using fossil fuels. This education opens the door to larger and more impactful projects which would benefit our community's economies, and our environment.

The stations use the Feed-in Tariff or, 'FIT', system to feed energy back into our electrical grids. You can learn more about the 'FIT' system by clicking here.


Below are some examples of different charging stations:

Finding the right Funds for your project


Funding typically comes from three places:


Personal Investment,

and Community Investment.

Once approved, grants are a great source of funding. This can be tricky without access to grant writers who have knowledge and experience dealing with the organizations themselves. SOCEC has a professional fundraiser, along with other members who have direct experience writing grants and a record of receiving them as well.

The last two are just investments of your own capital, or the raising of capital from individuals or organizations who would be directly benefiting from the project itself. These can include but are not limited to: neighbourhood residents, a business owner, or the administration of a school. 

We use grants alongside community investment initiatives to fund our projects and cover all the necessary costs to make it a long-term success. Check out the grants below to learn more about the organizations involved.

Finding your project's location, and planning construction


Project location is a key element of your project's plan. Without a suitable location that meets the technical and legal criteria for your community's needs and laws, the station would not be possible. For example, solar projects have different requirements to a wind project. So, prospecting desired locations and obtaining environmental data is essential to the project's effectiveness. One location may be perfect for solar power, but a disaster for wind power, so planning is crucial.

At SOCEC, we have technical advisors that we consult with in the planning and construction phase for our projects to ensure that its environmental efficiency and energy output is maximized for its users. You can draw upon our boards knowledge and expertise for any question you may have, and if we do not have an immediate answer for you one of our senior consultants will.

SOCEC is currently in negotiations with the University of Toronto's sustainability officer and administration to setup a solar charging station for its St. George Campus.


IT will be the first of its kind in toronto, and will provide free renewable energy to charge mobile devices for those who use that area of the st. george campus.