Fall 2016 Newsletter - Summer Recap

Hello Everyone!


It’s been a busy summer for SOCEC and we are excited to share all of our updates with you!  Since SOCEC’s inception in 2012 the Co-op has been through a long journey. With the arrival of new board members in June we are revitalizing our mission and strategic plan to assist in the promotion and development of clean, community energy projects.

Read about our latest updates below, and stay tuned! Please reach out to us with any feedback here, it is always appreciated.


Yours Truly,

Julia Zeeman

President of SOCEC


New Website

In September we launched a new website using the Squarespace platform. You can view the site here.



Co-op AGM - New Board Members

At the beginning of June our co-op said good-bye to 4 of our board members and the remaining 4 have welcomed 6 new board members. You can visit our Who We Are page to find out more about your active board members, and their experience.


2 Year Strategic Plan & Business Plan


Our board members have been working hard developing new strategic and business plans for the Co-op.

We have grounded the Co-op with 3 strategic goals that the Board of Directors will focus on achieving in the next two years. The corresponding actions of these goals will be presented in our business plan.

The plans will be posted on the website in the coming weeks, and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

  1. Create and Promote Clean & Sustainable Energy
  2. Membership and Community Empowerment
  3. Governance and Membership Accountability 


Community Solar Device Charging Station

We are continuing to work on installing Toronto’s first community solar device charging station!  The project will generate renewable energy and allow communities to interact directly with sustainable energy solutions. Learn more here.


Green Energy Doors Open

We hosted a Renewable Energy Walk for Green Energy Doors Opens this year!  It was a great turn out despite the rain, and we visited 8 homes and organizations that are using and benefiting from sustainable energy technologies. Luckily we had some smart phones available to take photos, so feel free to have a look at what we saw in our gallery album here.

We post new events as soon as they are planned, and will share them to our Facebook page for maximum view ability. Please Like our Facebook Page to be notified of any new events.


How can you get involved?

·      Invite a friend to become a member in the co-op.  

·      Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Stay tuned for more announcements about our solar charging station.

·      Contact us with any questions, or for any feedback you would like us to have.