Funding Resources

Funding Resources

The following is a non-exhaustive list of various funding sources, grants and programs which can be leveraged for initiatives and projects you may have in mind. Some resources may have specific requirements - be sure to review those before applying.

If you have a renewable energy project in mind, the team at Sustainability Ontario is happy to help you navigate these funding resource - just get in touch!


o Toronto Social Procurement Framework

o Social Enterprise Strategy

o SE Ontario

o Social Impact Bond Pilot

o The Ontario Catapult Micro-loan fund

o Social Enterprise Seed Fund Catapult Microloan Fund

o Youth Opportunities Fund - Ontario Trillium Foundation

o Tides - Canada

o Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund – YSI is an impact investing fund that

support young entrepreneurs and their impactful ventures – debt financing and

resources that facilitate successful venture growth.


  • 20/20 Catalyst Program
  • Campus Linked Accelerators
  • RECode – McConnell Foundation – Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (College & University Students)
  • Net Impact – Global Network of MBA, grad students – Student Club – Business and Sustainability
  • Enactus – Global non-profit – investing in students for social entrepreneurship –
  • Students, academic and business leaders
  • Futurepreneur – National Non-Profit- provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners 18-39 – Mentor Program
  • Ashoka – Youth Venture – Age 12-17 – Youth Leadership
  • Mitacs - National not-for-profit, designing and deliver research and training programs - Industrial and social innovation
  • Studio [Y] Fellowship – flexible 8 month program to develop leaders across Ontario – $10,000
  • Next Up – National Leadership and Social Change – Social and Environmental Justice - no funding – Region specific advisor committee
  • Student Energy – Global- Empower youth for Sustainable Energy Transition – Network
  • The Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (CISED) – City of Ottawa - supports for social enterprise. Access to technical expertise, coaching, financing, learning, communities, training and cross sector partnerships – two clusters – Food and 3 R (recycling, repurposing and remanufacturing)
  • Toronto Enterprise Fund –provides matching grants up to $10,000 to existing social enterprises and seed funding to 2-3 start-ups. Reduce Poverty and homelessness in Toronto
  • Causeway Work Centre – Ottawa Based community Economic Development
  • organizations
  • Pillar Non-profit network – London
  • Centre for Social Innovation
  • PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise - business support group
  • Community Opportunity and Innovation Network – Peterborough
  • NEET Youth Incubator – Community Innovation Lab – 24 week start up program – Participant Bursary
  • Social Enterprise Accelerator – 19-75 – incubation and training program
  • Ontario Indigenous Youth partnership Project - Grants, training, mentorship
  • Social Enterprise Enabling Group (SEEG) – Peel Region
  • Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation – Kingston
  • Community Future Development Corporations - Youth Social Entrepreneurship camp
  • Le Conseil de La Cooperation de l’Ontario (CCO) – Francophone coopératives and social services
  • CCEDNEt – Ontario (The Canadian Community Economics Development Network
  • Social Economy Centre
  • School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario
  • Next Canada
  • The business model innovation Accelerator
  • HUB Ottawa
  • Carleton Centre for Community Innovation
  • CCEDNET (the Canadian Community Economic Development Network)
  • Ontario Nonprofit Network
  • The Ottawa Public Library Business Services
  • The Ottawa Community Loan Fund
  • The Natural Step
  • Invest Ottawa
  • The Canadian Centre for Community Renewal
  • The Social Enterprise Council of Canada
  • The Ontario Social Economy Roundtable
  • Regional Business Centres for Youth
  • School of Social Entrepreneurs Ontario – Tides Canada Shared platform: Courses, global network, community problem solver, Social Enterprise (not youth) - cohort of 20 students
  • The Co-operative Young Leader Program – Week-long leadership program, ages 14-18 from across Ontario
  • ReThink Green, Sudbury area. Non-profit, Diverse Programs


  • Social Entrepreneurship Evolution: $250,000. Must submit letter of intent before you can apply -
  • Studio Y- 8 month fellowship with $20,000 living stipend. Application period opens up, spring. Around April.
  • DATA CATALYST : Use data and insight to support the province’s entrepreneurs, researchers, policy-makers and innovators. Focus on entrepreneurship, energy, healthcare.
  • The Co-operators – good place to meet and get investment/business help, including advice on small business loans. Lots of grants, but to get access to funds you must be able to prove your business model. A needs assessment is also required to prove the demand for your service or product
  • Sustainable Alternatives Consulting – consulting firm that has been supporting the development of PAPER.
  • Business Enterprise Centre locations across Ontario - Half hour of free legal council
  • One Business Ontario network for Entrepreneurs. Able to provide small business help, including advice on how to start & grow your business
  • Canada Business Ontario (CBO) - Free secondary market research. Look up suppliers and potential competitor. Call and speak to an agent, they can suggest advice.
  • The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), for ages between 18-39. Start-up Program, help get business off the ground
  • Canadian Small Finance Program - Loan Guarantees, Gov’t of Canada takes 75% of the risk. Need to be able to come up with 10% of the loan if you don’t have collateral. In order to get funding you must have a concrete marketing and cash flow section of the business plan.
  • The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF)
  • FlipGive is an online fundraising platform, can raise some good money, a great platform if you have a project or good fundraising tool. Meant for family and friends or large social network.
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence - Programs for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups, academics, researchers and students, collaboration voucher program
  • SiG Knowledge Hub - Learning resources for social innovation
  • Center for Social Innovation - Catapult fund
  • Access network, $30 a month, can write off as business expense